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Low Testosterone

If you are male and have been feeling tired and fatigued, have a noticeable lack of energy, a decreased sexual drive, and/or depression you may have a condition called testicular hypofunction or hypoandrogenism, or, as it is commonly called,“Low T.” This condition is characterized primarily by a low testosterone level in your blood. In general, a man’s total testosterone levels peak at 700-800 ng/ml at 20-30 years of age and gradually decreases 1% per year thereafter –adding belly fat and taking your muscle mass and libido with it. Blood levels can reach as low as 200 ng/ml in men ages 50-60 and even in men much younger. Many studies have shown that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can greatly improve a man’s health and therefore his overall quality of life.

Dr. Abraham Morgentaler of Harvard Medical School takes it even a step further. In his Testosterone for Life, he states a man’s decreasing testosterone levels should be a “treatable part of the aging process” just like bad eyes, bad hearing, bad joints, bad hearts, and cancer. “We treat all of these conditions to improve the quality of life or to increase “longevity,” he states. He further relates withholding treatment of conditions such as “Low T” to “withholding prescription glasses from older men and women because poor eyesight is common in advancing years.”

Many anti-aging proponents are now finding that levels considered “low” (less than 300 ng/ml with 500-700 ug/ml considered “healthy”) is actually too low. Dr. Jeffrey Life notes studies showing that men with testosterone levels in the upper 25% of normal (800-1000 ng/ml) have a lower risk of chronic disease and suggests that doctors should aim for a higher target.

There are several options for treatment of low T including gels, patches and injections. There are also some side effects to be considered for each of these options. So, if you are experiencing some of the symptoms of Low T., make an appointment and have your testosterone checked. We can then discuss the treatment program that is right for you.

Written by Dr. Robert Strzinek

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